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Cannabis Integrated Products Insurance

From yummy treats to enhanced botanical oils…. These products can offer an INCREDIBLE satisfaction when cannabis is the additive. Be sure to OBTAIN the right coverage to protect your business during and after manufacturing development.

But What Could Happen?

Beginning stages of manufacturing can have SEVERAL implications from federal regulations, stolen property, employee injuries from testing, and potential product defects that DON’T appear on the surface. Additionally, once goods have been finalized and your business begins selling them- unfortunate LOSSES could occur, such as improper use by a consumer that has a negative reaction from product and or product CONTAMINATION. These type of losses could be coupled with lawsuits and other penalties that could have a dramatic effect on company operations.

How We Can Help and Provide Guidance!

There are many different types of insurance coverages that we offer to minimize these risk. However, there may be certain requirements necessary to have insurance policies written and approved, for instance a proper facility that supports manufacturing processes and product inspection process when product is ready to market.

Speak to licensed insurance agent to go over these details and formulate a plan that will provide sufficient coverage for your business today.

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