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Get The Coverage Needed For Your Cargo & Delivery Business

Possession of freight during transition, whether in a compact vehicle or large semi, can be extremely risky…Thus the mobility of cannabis can become even MORE complex. Protect your precious cargo and the vehicle(s) itself through a comprehensive insurance policy specifically for the following cannabis business:

  • Medical & Recreational Marijuana Delivery or Distribution
  • Commercial Fleet and Transportation of Cannabis Products
  • Shipping Carriers of Cannabis Cargo

Affordable Rates Available for Commercial Auto & Trucking Risk

No risk is too big or too small we insure them all! Vehicles are a necessity to transport cannabis inventory. Obviously, state regulation requires you to have liability insurance and provide financial responsibility for collision and bodily injury damages that may occur. Some insurers believe that providing auto coverage will be far too risky to offer coverage for autos in cannabis operations. You will be empower by iCoverCanna's ability to not only find available insurance companies to insure you and your business, but also to obtain the most competitive pricing in the industry!

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