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Current Map For Marijuana Legalization By State

Marijuana Legalization Status
Medical marijuana broadly legalized
Marijuana legalized for recreational use
No broad laws legalizing marijuana

Some Of The Various Insurance Services We Offer

Commercial Property Coverage/Landlords

Whether your GROW operates out of a single family dwelling or a massive commercial facility we have customized coverage packages to……..

Medical Cannabis Physicians Liability

Doctors take an oath to uphold specific ethical standards that benefit their patients. Therefore when providing CUSTOM recommendations, they must ensure they have accurate professional liability coverage that…..

Commercial Fleet, Auto, & Cargo Coverage

Possession of freight during transition, whether in a compact vehicle or large semi, can be extremely risky…Thus the mobility of cannabis can become even MORE complex. Protect your precious cargo and the vehicle(s) itself through…..

Cannabis Integrated Products Insurance

From yummy treats to enhanced botanical oils…. These products can offer an INCREDIBLE satisfaction when cannabis is the additive. Be sure to obtain the right coverage to protect your business during……

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