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Medical Cannabis Physician’s Liability Coverage

Doctors take an oath to uphold specific ethical standards that benefit their patients. Therefore when providing CUSTOM recommendations, they must ensure they have accurate professional liability coverage that can extend and surpass a common insurance plan. It is EXTREMELY vital to have cannabis malpractice coverage in the event you or your practice is ever sued by a patient for OFFERING medical marijuana that has an adverse effect on their health. This type of lawsuit could be detrimental to your business and possibly have implications on your physician license. iCoverCanna’s number one goal is to help you find solutions for your immediate business needs and give you the protection you deserve. Click Here to obtain a personalize quote!

What if I am not a physician, could I still be liable for distribution of cannabis to the public?

iCoverCanna understands that if you are involved in a transaction of any type with marijuana, then you could be subject to liability occurrences that may arise.

We offer professional and general liability insurance to shield different companies in many different industries. By acting now, you can speak with an agent through live chat to discuss your business needs.

Some of The Industries We Can Help Insure:

  • Bars/Taverns
  • Hookah Lounges
  • Vapor and Smoke Shops
  • Attorneys
  • Manufacturers
  • Cannabis Market Researchers

Protect yourself TODAY by contacting a licensed representative to structure a plan designed to secure your business, foundation, and life!

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