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Workers Compensation Insurance

Keeping your employees safe at work is an essential ingredient for continuous GROWTH in your business. Nonetheless, if a member of your staff gets injured, workers compensation coverage offers a SAFEGUARD to your overall operation.

By offering this necessary benefit to your employees, they will be able to work in peace knowing that they are properly protected in the event they suffer an injury. This product alone can help increase the moral of the staff with the mindset that you CARE about their well-being.

Additionally, in most states workers compensation is mandated by law. Not having coverage in place can result in penalty and fines from a state department. Or EVEN worst there could be possible litigation by an employee seeking damages if they are hurt on the job and your business doesn’t have coverage. Workers compensation is DEFINITELY coverage that you rather have it and not need it, then need it and NOT have it!

Coverage Under Workers Compensation Include:

  • Injured Employee’s medical expense such as doctor’s visits, medications, and rehab.
  • Lost wages for injured employee while out of work.

This Sounds GREAT, but is Workers Compensation Available for the Cannabis Industry?

The answer is…. ABSOLUTELY! The fact of the matter is that worker’s compensation is a state requirement for businesses. Insurers understand that cannabis business owners will need protection now more than ever. iCOVERCANNA can assist you in locating a A-rated insurer that will have flexible options and the BEST rates in the industry. Click here to contact us now or click the quote tab to start the process of ADDING this valuable protection to your business!

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